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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Don't shy away from customs!

It may seem intimidating to sign up for a "custom" item from a seller. But really, this is the best way to get exactly what you want! For a lot of sellers (myself included), it is hard to anticipate what people will want (colors, sizes, etc.), so we put a small selection of pre-made items in the shop to give an example, and then allow people to order what they want via a "custom" listing.

In my shop, custom means: you pick the size and color from a gallery of fabrics a standard size chart (I don't normally do custom measurements, or made to fit).
I LOVE to do customs. They are no more work than a regular listing, and I can be sure to spend time on what people want rather than stocking the shop with things that will just sit. Don't shy away from them; use them and get exactly what you want! Don't be afraid to contact me to ask about special requests (like longer leg cuffs, higher rises, different front and back panels, or appliques). Unfortunately, I don't take custom orders/requests for wool - sorry!

I generally have a fast turnaround time (1-5 days, depending on number of items ordered and how many customs currently in queue), so its not too much different than ordering in stock items. And besides, I have a closet full of fleece waiting for a new home! :) See:


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