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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wool wash options

There are many options for caring for your wool. Each one you may find to have benefits over the other (which is why I personally have a tub full of various types of wool wash!)

Liquid Wool Wash: These are made commercially and by WAHMs and have everything together - wool wash and liquid lanolin. Wash and lanolize with one easy step. No rinsing required. They have just enough lanolin to keep your wool working right with every wash.

Wool Wash Bar: This is a solid form of wool wash (usually with lanolin). Great for stains and soil spots - just rub gently on wet wool and rinse. You can also use a wool wash bar to make a sink full of sudsy water to soak your woolies in and get the same effect as a liquid wool wash. Depending on the suds, you may need to rinse slightly. I find the liquid tends to have a bit more lanolin content, depends on the maker. 

Spray Lanolin: This is a form of liquid lanolin with no wash, put into a fine mist sprayer. Used to freshen up your woolies between washing (get a scent you LOVE!), or to add more lanolin after washing (especially helpful for night wool). Great for the "wetzone" area. Can be sprayed on wet or dry wool. I prefer to spray it on wet and it seems to soak in better.

Regular Wash: You can easily wash your wool using baby shampoo, or other mild soap/shampoo. You may not even need to lanolize for a few washes. When you notice they start to soak up too much liquid, smell, or not function right, its time to lanolize them.

Solid Lanolin: You can lanolize your wool separate from washing (great if you do a regular wash, or if you need an extra lanolin boost). Using Lansinoh (the purple tube you may recognize from breastfeeding) and very hot water to melt it, add to a sink full of warm water and your wool.

Liquid Lanolin: Like solid lanolin that you don't have to melt!

- Wash your wool inside out! Just in case your lanolin is not fully melted to avoid lanolin dark spots. Also it gets the bulk of the lanolin where you want it - on the inside!
- I prefer not to have my wool "sticky" with lanolin, but you'll figure out the right amount for you.
- Pick different scents and try them out, there are some wonderful ones out there!
- The most inexpensive option is to wash with baby shampoo and lanolize yourself with solid lanolin. Its a bit more time consuming, and doesn't have the fancy scents...but is definitely the cheapest!

I send out washing instructions with my items, however if you've never lanolized wool before, there are some great online tutorials. (Usually your wool wash will also come with instructions.)
Etsy Cloth Diaper Team
Diaper Pin - by Laura Gent
Green Mountain Diapers

All of my favorite sellers seem to have their shops closed right now :(
Ewe Need It (liquid, spray, and bars)
Ignite the Senses (bars)
Blue House Soaps (bars)
Eucalan is a good commercial brand. And there are LOTS of sellers on Etsy and HyenaCart that offer wool wash products.  

What are some of YOUR favorites or tips to share?


Unknown said...

This is why I have always steered away from wool.. It always makes me itch so I wasn't a big fan of the idea to begin with but then the work with it just turned me away even more. I wish I was more into it then I am because I know it is good for the environment and probably for my DS to but I just can't get past all of the little things

Winkydinks said...

The great thing about wool is you only have to wash it every few weeks though! So it does take a few minutes to wash, but you don't do it often, and you can do it all at the same time! As for the itching, you can find some SUPER soft wool :) But there's always fleece, which is a great alternative, and is machine washable!

Tabatha Fronchak said...

Thank you for mentioning Eucalan. It really does work fabulously for wool and if your readers are interested, go to for a free sample. Just send a self-addressed envelope to the US or Canada address (which ever applies to their geography).
It's also great for nursing bras and stuffed animals!

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