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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My grandparents had several hummingbird feeders, and I remember as a child watching them with awe. They were always there, and grandma was always re-filling the "juice". After my grandfather passed away, I got one of those feeders, and I've been trying my best to bring the hummers to our house! We live in a new development, and so there aren't many trees (though we're working on landscaping our yard, especially with hummingbird attracting plants). I was getting's been a couple of months.

But, this week....we have a regular visitor! (the pictures are a little blurry, taken through our kitchen window, and then zoomed in). I went with a different style feeder (easier to clean, and with a perch around the edge), and it finally worked! We've been enjoying watching this little guy land, eat, and then return. I never knew they actually sat still, but read that they actually use so much energy hovering that the prefer to eat while perched.

My youngest son has named him "chocolate hero" :)

I also have this feeder from Glorious Glass Garden on Etsy, which they hover around but haven't visited - I need to fill it with something other than water.

Next on my list is to get another little one, like this. Let's get some more birdies to our bare backyard!


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