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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tank top gift bags - super easy!

Looking for an interesting way to wrap a birthday gift? Or need a few extra reusable bags to stash in the glove box? Find an old tank top, and in a few minutes your problem is solved! With just a few stitches from a sewing machine, you can do it!

1. Turn the tank top inside out
 2. Sew a straight stitch along the bottom of the shirt (however long you want the bag to be)

3. Fluff open the bag at the seam you just made, adjust the fabric so the new seam is in the middle of the fabric, and sew a perpendicular line to your new seam. This creates a gusset (square bottom). You can omit this step for a flat bag.

4. Trim the excess fabric

5. Turn the bag right side out. Voila! You did it!

You can tie the "handles" together, or use a fancy ribbon. Maybe decorate with fabric paint, or even an iron on transfer for a one of a kind gift!


Joyce said...

that's pretty cool! easy and it!

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