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Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Favorite - Buddha Bunz

Have you switched over to wool dryer balls yet? If you haven' should! No more chemical laden dryer sheets with fake smells, no more plastic blue pokey dryer balls that release chemicals when heated.. wool is all natural fluffing power! Dryer balls work to add extra tumbling power, getting clothes and diaper drier in less time, and adding softness and fluff (especially noticeable in towels and diapers!). It's true, they don't decrease static a whole lot, but I'll take static over the alternatives.

I just received my CUSTOM designed dryer balls from Buddha Bunz, and LOVE them! I chose a "tree of life" and then a coordinating solid ball. They are felted wool (not wool yarn), the colors are awesome, and the design hand made. They fit right in with my existing (tattered and old) dryer balls and spruce up my dryer, even when empty (which isn't often).
She's super busy, so you do have to be patient for your customs, but they are worth it! She has great customer service, and often has sales. Lots of other retailers carry them in-stock as well.


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