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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Replacing plastic baggies in your lunch

Did you know you don't need to use a handful of Ziploc baggies every time you pack a lunch? There are LOTS of options out there to replace them. My son recently started bringing his lunch to preschool, and I've gotten quite a few comments on our reusable items. I'm sure to find patterns he loves and he is very diligent about remembering to bring them home (instilling reduce, reuse, recycle at an early age!!).

Reusable snack and sandwich bags - These are baggies with zero waste! Turn them inside out and brush out the crumbs, or wash them when they get really dirty. Most are machine washable, depending on the materials. Some have velcro closures, some tops fold over, some have waterproof linings (double check the maker is using food approved materials), some have a carry handle...the options are bountiful! I have my old Ziploc baggie box filled with reusable baggies, and we rarely find the need for plastic ones anymore.
Click here for my fellow Team EcoEtsy members who sell these!

Wrap-n-mat - These washable sandwich wraps are SO wonderful. Package your sandwich (or other snacks), then unfold to create a germ-free placemat! We have patterns that suit each of our family members and use them for lunches, picnics, and car trips. Just wipe them down, or hand-wash and air dry. There are also WAHM versions of these available as well!

- Note: I find these options are best for short term storage. Crackers may get stale, and sandwiches dry, if stored too long.

BUT... If you're not quite ready to make the reusable leap...check out Ziploc's Evolve baggies - using less plastic, and manufactured using wind power. They're a little thinner, but still do the trick, and you get bonus points for washing and re-using them!


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