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Monday, December 28, 2009

Words from a retired cloth diaper addict...

For my non-cloth diaper followers, this may seem a little strange, but there IS such a thing as being a cloth diaper addict! I was one of them...albeit not as obsessed as some, but much more than I ever dreamed I'd become. It's fluff. It's soft. It's beautiful (beautiful you say?? YES!). It's a hobby. It's fun.

Now that my youngest is potty trained, I am left with my boring (but effective) night-prefolds and my wool covers. My stash has been downgraded. My diapers have been lent out, donated, or sold. It was actually a little hard for me to let them go--I remember waiting for my fluffy mail to get them!

There are a few things I learned were part of the CD-aholic syndrome that I didn't notice until I was retired:
  1. Staying up to 2am to catch the current stocking phenomenon is a rush, but is truly not necessary.
  2. Getting bummed that my child poo'd in a silky smooth Goodmama is bizarre - they ARE diapers aren't they?
  3. It is not normal (or necessary) to smell your laundry before and after putting it into the dryer 
  4. Writing down everything you did during a laundry routine to figure out exactly what cured the "stink issues" is not something most people do
  5. Organizing (and re-organizing) diapers is really just a way to admire them, not really get organized 
  6. (5a) Admiring a diaper is crazy.
  7. "Fluffy mail" is really just something we call it to make it ok that we keep buying diapers
  8. Nobody can really understand what a CD-aholic goes through unless they've been there themselves
  9. Charities like Miracle Diapers benefit from people like me when my obsession is over :) 
  10. There is a whole group of awesome mamas out there, and if it takes diapers to bring us together, then so be it!
  11. Cloth diapering is NOT less expensive than disposables when you can't stop buying them. (But in my opinion is still more eco-friendly).
  12. Pushing cloth diapers on your non-CD friends is just a ploy to enable yourself 
  13. (12a) your friends all thought you were crazy but didn't say anything
If you're currently obsessed with diapers, it's ok... just know you're not the only one, and you will get through it (AND your babies will grow up, and you'll be forced to retire as well). But, it will be all worth it :)

- Jen, A reformed Cloth diaper addict

Do you have any similar revelations? Share them here, leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

LOL So true that is!!!

Candace said...

Oh dear. I really am a CD addict. Haven't yet sat up for a stocking though, and think I may be set for diapers for a very long time right now. Well, I'll need some covers (I'll be letting you know when I'm ready, lol). I've done most of those other things though! And I can't imagine what I'll do when he pl's! Oh dear, I wouldn't go so far as to have another baby just to cd, would I? Well, I hope not. I do love baby's though...

Eva Foster said...

Such a fun post. I always wanted to try cloth diapers but I just didn't have the time while being in school and I don't think her daycare would go for it. I wish I would have tried. We are working on potty training. The next one we will for sure try cloth diapers and I'll be coming to you for advice on them!

Jackie said...

Wow....this is true to the T! I probably sound crazy to all of my friends when I talk about CDing. It's just something you don't understand until you start :)

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