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Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Favorite: Etsy seller tools

As an Etsy seller, there are some things you need that Etsy doesn't quite do yet (granted, they're busy running the site...not a lot of time for enhancements). Some clever folks have found workarounds or "hacks" that get the job done. Some of them are AWESOME! And all FREE!!!

  • etsyhacksCheck out #!Etsy Hacks - there are some tools on here where I think "how did I get by without this??" I've just started using them today, but so far, zero complaints. My favorites so far:
    •  sold orders plus (I can view orders by customer now rather than searching through sold orders or entering them on an Excel sheet).
    •  bulk image uploader (upload more than one photo at a time to your listing)
    • Next to try:
      -copy listing - how much time will this save??!!!
      -fast tagger - making going through my list of tags much faster!
  • Another great one is Heartomatic go there to see your total shop hearts, new shop hearts, and ITEM HEARTS (can't see that all in one place on Etsy). Also if you have been featured on the Etsy front page recently. So awesome.
  • Also, Craftopolis - find out if one of your items is currently featured in a treasury, or when a treasury is expected to open up.

I'm a little obsessive about stats, so I check these daily along with google analytics.


marie said...

awesome! I am stat obsessed as well, so this is like geek crack to me ;)

I really can spend hours on google analytics.

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