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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Winkydinks is doing a Deal a Day!

(note, I have changed some of this information after it was originally posted. Specifically with regard to how the items will be listed).

You may know I'm crazed with the "deal a day" sites (BabyHalfOff, ScrapbookSteals, HippoBargains, etc.)...and I thought it would be fun to host my own DEALS! I've been busy making up some special stock just for this event and will have previews up on Hyena Cart so you'll know what's coming. (Ok, this is a little different than the daily surprise steals, but I wanted to give everyone a chance!). Items are very limited at these prices (remember, I'm a small work-from-home shop!)
  • There will only be 2-3 items each day, and each deal will last 24 hours only.
  • All "deal a day" items will be on Hyena Cart
    • They will be BUY IT NOW style items, which means if you click "buy", it's can't delete it from your cart. This makes it so nobody else can buy it while you're checking out. This is a little different than my standard items. (edited 9/13)
    • Because of the type of listings for these, you are required to have an account to make a purchase (set one up before the item you want is stocked!). (edited 9/13)
    • If you order other items THE SAME DAY, but not in the same transaction, I will still combine shipping. 
    • All items are first quality, offered at an extreme discount 
    • Items will be shown in "preview" mode, showing the day/time they will become available for purchase. You can add them to your "spots" or favorites though! 
  • I will stock items at different times, giving people in different parts of the country and with different schedules a chance (i.e. they won't all be at 9am PDT)
  • Please refrain from purchasing more than one deal - let's share the luck! 
  • I'll post reminders on Facebook the day of the deal (and when previews are up)! 
I plan to get previews up this week! 
What do you think? Are you ready for some STALKING??? :)  

(If you're new to Hyena Cart, don't be afraid! It just takes a name and an email address to register!)


Betriska said...

What a great idea, Jen! You are ever industrious!

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