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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Green shipping

Is there really such a thing as "green shipping"? With Winkydinks, I'm trying to focus my efforts on staying as green as possible, but that's a little challenging considering 95% of my customers are out of state. So I chose to make my shipping as cost effective and environmentally responsible as possible.
  • I switched to Eco-Enclose polymailers. These are biodegradable or recyclable, in addition to being very sturdy (a.k.a. REUSABLE!). Many people who cloth diaper wind up selling/trading diapers with others and these are perfect because they don't add weight to your package. 
  • I don't include unnecessary wrapping
  • With the exception of International packages, all of my shipping is done from home via PayPal (no extra trips to the post office, which saves gas)
But I felt like I should be doing more. I researched ways to do carbon neutral shipping, and have found something that will work for me. It's called Green Shipping. (click to go to a Demo screen).

Use GreenShipping to ship carbon freeI pay (a price per shipment they have calculated by distance and weight) to offset the carbon used in that delivery. I can also add in personal packages I have received or sent, as long as I have a tracking number! They also offer package tracking, which my customers can use. I haven't figured out the best way to send that information out, but am working on it.

So if you're curious, you could enter in your own tracking number and see what it says!


emmy's closet said...

Good for you, that's awesome! I am going to look into this too :)

Megan, Maggie, Mama said...

this is great - so glad that you're doing this! i found your blog via your etsy shop, and am enjoying reading it! i'm always on the search for the perfect cloth... it's been a (short) winding road, and we're still on the lookout for our perfect dipes. Looking forward to trying some soakers!

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