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Monday, February 28, 2011

Stripe it Rich going Retail!

I wanted to announce that I've agreed to a "trial" wholesale order with ali AND swan for my Stripe it Rich soakers. I'm excited about having a new channel for my products! The first order is a small number (pictured above), just to see how things go. I have always been wary of a wholesale situation for a number of reasons:

1 - I don't charge enough to enable me to sell my soakers at a deep wholesale discount to anyone for resale. I sell them directly to my customers for the best price I can. That's always been my goal - keep it affordable!
2 - I don't want to take up the few hours I get to sew with a wholesale order when I would rather get customs done or get my shop stocked. When you get the kids' nap times, preschool hours, and sometimes evenings to work (in addition clean, exercise, or do any other hobby), your time is precious!
3 -  I was nervous to have someone else represent MY items, and didn't want them sold for more than I was selling them in my own shop.
4 - I was worried about too much pressure to "produce"

Well, after working with Alison from ali AND swan, I feel very comfortable with her representing my handiwork. In addition, she's a WAHM herself (if you've ordered from me recently, you may have received some of her product as a sample - Super Stars wipe solution!). I'm also very happy with the way she's set up her shop and the other products she's carrying. In addition - she offers a military discount and free shipping on orders over $40. She's willing to work with me on price and quantity so that we're both happy. So, all in all, I think it's a good match. 

So, check out ali AND swan, and be on the lookout for IN STOCK Stripe it Rich soakers stocked there from yours truly :)


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