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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shop change announcement

You may have noticed all of my "custom" listings have gone missing from my shops. I finally had figured out a great way to have customers get the items they needed in the sizes they wanted by using style numbers and pre-selected color combinations. The popularity of this new listing style has been very strong, and at the same time, overwhelming.

Due to the volume of orders coupled with less available work time (for numerous reasons), it has been stressful to meet the demand for customs. Out of necessity for my work-life balance, I've decided to take the shop in a new direction.

The change: I'll be listing only IN STOCK items, and as always, they will ship next day. I will have several CUSTOM slots available periodically, depending on my availability. Those will be offered through my Hyena Cart shop only, and scheduled ahead of time (so you'll know when they're coming). Each slot will allow up to 4 items to be made for whoever reserves it. Items between my Etsy and Hyena Cart shops can be combined when ordered the same day, and shipping overages will be refunded.

This has been a hard personal choice for me. I truly enjoy making things that meet your specific needs, and I know I can't possibly stock the exact sizes and patterns that you might be looking for at any given time. Customs have been a huge part of my sales, so as a shop owner it is frustrating to need take a step backwards. With upcoming summer vacation now that my kids are school-age, I anticipate having much less available time to get things made. Custom orders require more communication, plus they are time-sensitive (everyone is anxious for fluffy mail!). With this new direction, I will be able to make things on my own schedule, without worry of getting behind on orders - plus be able to make up some new and different things. I will also be able to stock more wool items since I won't be focused on custom fleece.

Thank you all for your business and continued support. I'm very proud to be able to say that Winkydinks started as a "give it a shot" endeavor, and now has grown too big for its britches :)


Anonymous said...

AWESOME! I found your blog from etsyclothdiaper team! It's nice to hear someone has almost to much business! It takes a while to get there, but it's neat to see how someone has been able to see where they need to change up a bit so it don't take over their life :O)! Great job! Sometimes I feel like this is ALL I do!

Suzanne W. said...

Congrats Jen! I completely understand having to limit customs and how much you dislike that. It's wonderful that your shops are growing so much! I disliked having to limit my customs too but for the same reasons you've listed I ended up doing it. It's been better for me & my customers, I'm sure it will be great for you & your customers too! :)

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