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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tax relief contest - just for fun! Win a credit to Winkydinks

Well, it's about that time...April 18th is just around the corner (thanks Gov't for the extra few days this year, by the way!). I have just finished up my business and personal taxes and sent them off...have you?

In doing my taxes, I also had to take inventory. I surprised myself (and my husband) by the number of items sold in 2010. I thought it would be fun to make a contest out of this. SO.....

The person who guesses the closest to the number of items sold by Winkydinks in 2010 (without going over) will win a $10 credit to my shop! 

  • "Items" includes: soakers, longies, shorties, hats - it is not the ORDER total (which would combine multiple items for one customer into one transaction). 
  • Items sold through Etsy, HyenaCart, and direct email are included in the total
  • If two winners are exactly correct, they will both win the prize. If more than 2 winners are correct, I will take the first two who posted. The winner will be closest to the actual number without going OVER. (So, if you are one guess over, you would not win, but someone 5 guesses under would win).
  • Credit expires May 31, 2011. Can be transferred/gifted but not sold to someone else.
Contest ends on Tax Day! April 18th, 10am PST. 

Enter your guess by commenting on this blog post. Only one entry per person please!
Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you if you win (either by having your profile filled out or leaving an email in your comment).


Rhyendel said...

drk4ng31 AT hotmail DOT com

aware said...

wareamy at bellsouth dot net

mekjsk2000 said...

mefish32 at hotmail dot com

Laura said...

501, Bob!

floscarmeli at gmail dot com

JenniferB79 said...


craftymommasworld @ gmail

jsunder said...


jsunder said...

email is jeni_sunder@lycos. com

Angie said...


Crystal N. said...

My guess is 615,
my email address is

Allison O said...

thirteenandcounting AT yahoo DOT com

Erica Davis said...


Anonymous said...


Vashti McMurray
hun423@hotmail dot com

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