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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A little slice of heaven

This little slice of heaven came to my door today, and I had to smile.

(This is the 6 half bar sampler set from Sweet Sally's SoapsPin It

Have you tried handmade soaps?? They are my new addiction and guilty pleasure. I don't mind paying more for all natural hand crafted goodness that smells divine. It's one of those "me" things (and now the rest of the house goes along).

When I started eliminating toxins from our home, soap was one that had quite a few questionable ingredients, and is one habit that's easy to change (see here for information on ingredients in your own products). Plus, if you suffer from allergies, going with essential oils versus artificial fragrance can be a benefit. If you suffer from eczema, a goat's milk soap can be beneficial. We also switched to shampoo bars, but that's a whole other topic :)  Give handmade soaps a try - my guess is you won't go back!


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