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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sprinkled oatmeal!

A fun family tradition we have started is to get holiday colored sprinkles for the kids' morning breakfast. Right now it's Halloween time! The kids love putting sprinkles in their plain oatmeal, and I love that it winds up being less sugar than the pre-flavored packets. Those have between 9-18g of sugar (remember, 1 tsp = 4g)! So even though they are liberally shaking out some sprinkles, I know it's less than 2 teaspoons, and I like that! I also put some brown sugar into an old sprinkle container so they can use that for flavor, and we don't have to worry about double dipping spoons into the sugar container when they are on their 2nd (and sometimes 3rd) bowls!

Ideally, we'd be flavoring oatmeal with fresh fruit...but for now, I'll settle for less sugar :)

Do you have any fun holiday breakfast traditions or healthy shortcuts?


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