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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Green your clean: oven cleaners

Post 3 in my series on getting toxic cleaners out of your home!

Oven cleaners could be one of the most toxic cleaners in your home. They are very hazardous to inhale and corrosive to the skin, especially those containing lye or marked DANGER or POISON. Even the residual fumes can be harmful to your (and your children's) respiratory system.

Safer Substitutes

  • Use non-lye products like Bon Ami (or try sea salt and baking soda), then use a damp cloth or wet cleaner to soak and soften baked spills.
  • To prevent build-up, use a tray or foil liner to catch spills and wipe up spills promptly.
  • If you have a self-cleaning oven, USE IT! Or for small spills, clean them up as they happen so you don't have to use resources to run your oven at high temps.
My personal preference: 
I'll admit, cleaning my oven is not something at the top of my priority list. I recently found a product though that helps me do it and not run out of the room from the fumes.  It's the "Scour Off" product by Shaklee - I really like it! Here's my before and after shots (using that product and some elbow grease, it wasn't actually too difficult). 




Karly Mittens said...

For a greener alternative to the outdated oven cleaner, here's a spring cleansing tip that will make existence simpler. Mix some bicarb soda with h2o into a thick paste, spread it inside your total oven and leave right away. The up coming early morning you merely wipe it out with a moist fabric. Magic!

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Claire said...

I remember this product from years ago, do they even make it anymore?? I remember experimenting with it on a few occasions.

Great before and after pictures, professional over cleaners standard!

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