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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sugar overload!

As a mom, I try to offer my kids a healthy diet. With so much processed food, its sometimes hard, but we do try! (I haven't yet conquered the "all natural, organic" diet, that I'm know would be the best, but we do the best we can).  We do splurge though and give the kids treats (like chocolate milk or candy). Well the other day I was convinced to buy some cotton candy by a rather persuasive 5 year old.

I checked the labels and was shocked to learn that the serving of cotton candy (half the bag) only had 10 more grams (about 3 tsp) of sugar than the small container of chocolate milk had! It made me realize that perhaps a small bite of pure sugar would be a better treat than something sold as lunchtime fare (especially at today's schools). Goes to show....always check your labels!


Blessed Momma to 5 said...

I've been surprised by labels lately too...I recently compared whole wheat tortillas to flour tortillas, and found minimal difference, making me wonder if it is worth the extra cost to buy the whole wheat ones.

And I've researched brown versus white rice...about the same nutritional values (I even found one report saying a baked potato had more nutritional value in it that either rices!).

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