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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Who's that CD Mama? Jen!

Who are you Jen? Cloth diaperer, woman, mom, and more!

What is your current favorite diaper or accessory in your stash?
This AI2 made with a T-shirt on the outside from Batik Bum - my son loved it and my husband is a HUGE Cardinals fan. (This pic is 2 years old, but the dipe still fits him!)
What got you started in cloth diapering?
My cousin had some diapers that she lent me to try for night time - we were having bad leaks with disposables. LOVED cloth, and switched!
How many children have you cloth diapered?
I didn't get started until my youngest was 8 months, and my oldest was 2 1/2. I wish I had diapered a newborn!
Does your significant other support the decision to cloth diaper?
Yes! At first he was confused on which needed covers, but he can snappi like the best of them now. (Although he still doesn't get the fluffy mail excitement). Here he is mocking me taking a picture of part of my stash to post on Diaperswappers.
Where do you go to buy diapers or "talk fluff"? 
Lately, I'm in love with Etsy. I am on Diaperswappers a lot too.

What is your biggest fear (not regarding your children)?
House fires
What other types of "green" choices do you and your family make?
Non-toxic cleaning products, reusable options wherever we can, recycling, using less of everything
What do you like the most about where you live?
Washington is so green - I put up with the bit of rain because it is so beautiful
What do you serve for dinner when you don't feel like cooking anymore?
Breakfast for dinner!
What's your guilty pleasure?
A really hot shower

Surprise! It's me - Jen of Winkydinks :) Anything else you'd like to know about me?

If you'd like to be featured on my blog in this series on profiling cloth diapering families, please contact me, I'd love to share your story!


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