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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ironing board covers add some pizzazz!

Well, maybe I'm new...but I just discovered patterned ironing board covers! I've spent the past 1/2 hour browsing Etsy to find the one that's just right for me. I've been wanting to add some *spunk* to my laundry room (it's very small, so not many options), and not sure what to do. I have my boring silver padded ironing board hung on the wall. Well, no more!!!! (You can see the extent of my laundry room decor on my post here.)

It's true, it's really not a major breakthrough, but what a fun way to add a little something to a space! I had no idea people were even making these until I saw a patterned cover on a blog about laundry room organization, and started searching.

Here's one I'm eyeing from Compelled To Craft:

You can find lots more by doing a search on Etsy.
Once I get my new cover and some other things settled, I'll post an "after" picture!


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