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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dilute to save money and resources

Here's an easy, simple trick to stretch your dollar - and have an impact on the environment.
Use a foamer bottle for your hand soap dispensers. (You can buy them online)
Fill 1/3 with liquid soap, and the rest with water. It produces a great foamy lather (which kids love!).

Buy soap less often! (which means fewer trips to the store, fewer bottles to throw away, less $$ spent on soap, etc.)
My favorite is Kirk's Castille liquid soap in Peppermint.

Other things you can dilute and stretch your dollar -
- Fruit juice
- Shampoo
- Dish soap
- use less laundry detergent (did you know you actually need much less than the manufacturer recommends?)
- other ideas?? Share them!
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Eva said...

Thanks for posting this! Shampoo huh? I feel like I go through that so quick, what a great idea.

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