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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Miracle Diapers charity drive

When I started making soakers, I donated about 10 of them to Miracle Diapers. Katrina (the creator of the pattern I used) asked that if we use the pattern to sell items that we make at least one donation or offer one for free. Well...after finding out about Miracle Diapers, just one didn't seem like enough! (Photo at left is of my last donation, before I had my Etsy shop). I've been a supporter of them for 3 years now, and now I'd love your help!

I'm going to be sending more soakers their way, both from Winkydinks and from my customers. You can purchase the Miracle Diapers listing from my Etsy store (to cover materials and shipping), and I will make a soaker and send it off in your name. I'll also be adding to the stash out of my own pocket. My goal is to have them all done and shipped by December 1st.

You can also donate directly to them by visiting this page (which is tax deductible).

Thanks for your help!


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