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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Friday Favorite - Terbearco

I have bought so many wonderful things from Etsy, I decided to share them in a weekly post "Friday Favorite". Enjoy!

I strive to be as green as possible when packaging my products - I don't use extra inner bags, tissue paper, or wrapping. I settled on using polymailer bags to mail my things for a few of reasons: 1 - they can be reused quite a few times, 2 - they are very durable, 3 - they look nice. I experimented using brown kraft paper but had to use so much tape to get it sturdy that it was no longer recyclable and couldn't be re-used.

So...I wanted to be sure my customer's know that my intent is for them to get the most out of the packaging and REUSE it! Many customers buy/sell/trade diapers and the polymailers come in very handy too.

I found the BEST rubber stamp seller on Etsy - Terbearco - with the perfect recycle themed products, and they do customs! Excellent quality and customer service.

Here's how mine looks!

Happy Recycling!!


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