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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green Mama Benefit Auction - featuring a Bella Band from Ingrid & Isabel

Since my sister announced they are expecting their first, my senses are tuned into things like this now. I used a Bella Band when I was pregnant, and LOVED it. And the proceeds from this one go to a great cause (The Cloth Diaper Foundation - formerly Miracle Diapers)
Up for auction starting 4/22 from Ingrid & Isabel:

This one is organic cotton - whoo hoo!
It's the BellaBand you trust and love, but now in organic cotton! Many moms today are conscious of the impact their shopping choices have on our environment. So is Ingrid & Isabel. That's why we now offer the eco-consciously produced BellaBand Organic. More wear out of the clothes you already have means less consumption. Organic cotton means earth-friendly. Sustainability and better fitting clothes? Now that's a beautiful idea. Learn more about how to wear BellaBand Organic by visiting the How to Wear page for the original BellaBand. Care Instructions: Machine wash warm, wash/dry with like colors.
Color-safe bleach only. Dry low temp. No iron.
Fiber Content: 95% Organic cotton/5% Spandex. 

Green Mama Benefit Auction

Please come check out the Green Mama Benefit Auction benefiting The Cloth Diaper Foundation. There are TONS of great items up for bid! (Including a Winkydinks repurposed wool soaker!)


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