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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Help....I don't know what to do!

Well, this is a new record....I haven't washed a diaper in over a week! HELP!!! Is it true? My cloth diapering days are over? (sniff sniff). My youngest has been day trained for a year and he is finally wanting to be trained at night...and has successfully stayed dry for a week. And my diapers are getting lonely! It's true my stash has been downsized to the bare bones, but its just weird to think of being done.

My continuing link to the cloth diapering world is my business, and I truly enjoy making soakers and longies - even if they won't be for myself anymore :) So please continue to send me photos of YOUR little ones in their Winkydinks items so I can live vicariously through my customers.

P.S. - As an upside to this story - my little sister just announced she is expecting in December...AND is considering following in my footsteps by cloth diapering. So I may just be able to continue my fluffy habit after all through a new niece or nephew. Oohhh, and newborn fluff too.....*sigh*


Jackie said...

Yay for being potty-trained! But boo for no more fluff. Hopefully your sister will join the fluffy train. My daughter is almost a year old. I will be happy and sad when she is potty-trained....less laundry but no more cute fluffy butt.

Melissa said...

Look on the upside: you will deal with less poop!

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