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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why I love re-purposed wool

I LOVE working with re-purposed wool for many reasons. (I also choose to work with fleece - mostly because it is inexpensive, holds up to repeated washings, takes no special care, and has super cute patterns and prints. But my all time favorite is wool!)

  • The thrill of the hunt for sweaters at the thrift store - Does it have big holes? Is it thick enough? Is it big enough? Is it soft enough? Cute enough? 
  • Once its felted (washed and dried), how did it change? Sometimes I'm disappointed that it didn't felt enough and is too thin even though its a great pattern. You never know how the wool has been manufactured and how it will turn out. 
  • I love creating something new out of something old. Trying to make the most out of each sweater takes a lot of planning and re-designing pieces to not "waste" any of the material. It's a challenge for me, and I enjoy it!
  • There are NO two soakers or longies the same. Even if two sellers find the same sweater, they will do something different with it.
  • I love how wool works as a diaper cover - it is breathable, all-natural, and works so well to contain wetness. Sometimes people are wary of wool because it needs to be hand washed, but the great thing is that you don't have to do it often - only every couple of weeks (depending on usage). 
  • It is less expensive and less time intensive than crocheting or knitting a new soaker from yarn (oh, and also because I don't know how to do either of those!). Customers can get several re-purposed wool items for the same cost as some knit items - granted, who wouldn't LOVE to have those...but not everyone can afford them.  
Whether you call it re-purposed, recycled, or upcycled - taking an old, unwanted, unloved sweater and turning it into something people can use over and over again is what keeps me doing this -I hope you enjoy them!


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