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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New collection naming help needed!

Here's a preview of my newest collection that I'll be listing in the coming days...but wait! I don't have a cute and clever name! I need your help....Please leave a comment here (click the word "comments" at the very end of the post if you don't see the comment form) with your suggestion(s). If I wind up choosing yours, you'll win a special prize! I may even be putting up a voting poll once I have a few options.

This collection was inspired by all of the wonderful striped wool sweaters out there that make super cute re-purposed wool items, as well as my patchwork soakers that were so popular. I started with "busy bee" which got rave reviews, so will now be offering about 10 different striped color combinations (including the 3 shown above). They are made "patchwork" style by sewing different colored fleece strips into one large piece, and then making the soaker.

I have names for each color combination (i.e. pretty in pink, busy bee, earth baby), but not the collection as a whole. Right now my name ideas are "bum stripes", or something to do with "variegated" or "kaleidoscope" but they aren't winning me over in the "oooohhhh cute" category. PLEASE HELP!
(and by the way, what do you think of the new idea?)


Mom2FourLilOnes said...

So Sweet Striped Soakers

Nicole said...

Striped Madness.
Ok, not so great. Will keep thinking...

kbochniak said...

Patchwork Patooties

Winkydinks said...

good..good...keep 'em coming!

Nicole said...

I'm thinking Patchydinks, Rainbow Soakers, or Prism Pants. Or how about Prism Patch Soakers. :)

Jackie said...

I like the new idea, they are very cute!

Horizontal booties
Horizontal boogie
Bumtastic stripes
Stripey dipeys

Umm...that's all I've got right now...

Angela Luisa said...

Stripe It Rich!

Jesse said...

Towing the lines soakers.

mekjsk2000 said...

Baby stripes
Do these stripes make my bum look big
horizon lines

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