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Monday, April 5, 2010

My trusty friend - the neti pot

Ok, it may sound weird, but I have to say that I LOVE my neti pot! I have spent much less time being sick in the past year than in previous years, now that I have started using it. (And believe me, with 2 boys in preschool, we get some nasty germs around here!). Here's what it looks like:

What IS it? It's basically a container with a funny spout used to flush out your nasal passages (a.k.a. nasal irrigation)
How do you use it? You tip it slightly upwards while holding the spout to your nostril. It pours the warm saline solution solution through your nasal passages, flushing out germs and irritants on the way out. (you can use plain water and salt, but bottled *ack!* purified water and non-iodized salt may be less irritating).
Why would you use it? Germs tend to grow in places like your nose...don't let them stay there and get a chance to multiply! Also great for sinus issues and allergies.

  • Don't use too much salt! The lining of your nose is very sensitive
  • Use warm (body temperature) water 
  • Do not tip your head upside down - you'll wind up with a "summersalt in the pool" feeling in your nose. Only slightly tip your head, but tip the neti pot upwards instead.
  • Don't get sucked into buying all the "special" additives...water and salt work just fine! 
  • Practice, practice, takes a while to learn the right angle of your head and the pot, as well as the right saline solution mixture. 
Here is a video if you'd like to see it in action (I am NOT this graceful, and would never video's not this pretty!)

Another thing that I swear by to help with cold-busting is Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE). 2 tablets twice a day when I start to feel a cold coming on (or canker sores), and it really helps!


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